Growing up in the cultural desert that was 1960s and 70s Northern Ireland, radio was a break from the ongoing violence and destruction around me. Listening to the chart shows on the BBC was good but hearing alternative music on Radio Caroline and Radio Luxenbourg was much more inspiring. I’ve always loved music, all genres (that aren’t commercial), I’ve made mixtapes since the early 70s and have also worked with bands and hosted radio shows.

Singing with Chainsaw Days 1989
Singing with Chainsaw Days 1989

Turtle Island Radio shows

Since the Spring of 2018 I’ve been producing and hosting the show Turtle Island Radio broadcast by the London arts radio station ResonanceFM on FM digital and live streamed. Since, May 2019 the show has been broadcast by Austrian radio station Radio Agora twice a month.
As far as I know it is the only European radio show to exclusivity promote Native American, First Nations and the indigenous peoples of North America musicians, bands and sound artists. I play all genres of music from hiphop, rock, jazz and blues through to traditional, country, folk and more and from the first period of recorded sound, right up to the present day. I also include news articles on environmental destruction, social and human rights issues impacting on the indigenous communities.  Originally inspired by the Standing Rock protests of 2016/17. Whilst watching videos produced in solidarity with those protests I heard a number of bands and artists that I’d never heard before and decided to delve further into the indigenous music scene of N. America. I found a treasure trove of music (but also a huge amount of info on the most marginalised people of North America). I started to put together a show featuring only indigenous artists from Mexico, America and Canada, and so Turtle Island Radio was born.

More info and links can be found at the Turtle Island Radio Show site or the Facebook and Instagram pages.


Agora show #2
A real mix of tunes for you. A little hiphop, some rock, country even a bit of punk, a touch of blues and many other styles, featuring Frank Waln, Las Cafeteras, Riit, Innastate and more.

A huge mix of artists and styles Blues, Hip-Hop, Spoken Word a bit of Ska and Rock from diverse artists such as A Tribe Called Red, Terrance Jade, NDN Soul, Tracy Lee Nelson, DJ krayzkree and much more Track listing

Featuring new albums from Snotty Nose Rez Kids and Khu.eex also with tracks from ’70s soft rockers Blackfoot and various dance tunes from Sila and Rise amongst others. Track listing

Youth music celebrating the year of indigenous languages, Chicano, Reggae and some different sounds just for you. Track listing

Agora show #1

The first show for Radio Agora in Austria, with hip-hop, country, rock, jazz, blues, dance and lots of info.

Archived by CBA of the Free Radio network of Austria (Verband Freier Radios Österreich)

A veritable mix of music with electronica, classical driums, 1972 prog rock, hip hop and more. Featuring Geronimo Black, Chances, Jerod Tate, Indigenize, the Snotty Nose Rez Kids and more. Track listing

A show featuring the singers, bands, artists and sounds from the far northern territory of Nunavut. With The Jerry Cans, Tanya Tagaq, Twin Flames, Riit and more. Track listing

Another varied show featuring N’we Jinan Artists, Ostwelve, A Tribe Called Red, Cihuatl-Ce, Kickin` Krotch and more. Track listing

A range of sounds reggae, hip hop, blues, rock and consious rap featuring Iskwé, Yellowsky, Kelly Fraser and Wolf Saga
Track listing

A veritable mix of sounds to welcome y’all back. Some country some punk some hip hop some Chicano and featuring Las Cafeteras, Calina Lawrence, Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Prolific The Rapper x A Tribe Called Red and more. Turtle Island S04E01


A mix of Christmas themed tracks by the indigenous musicians of Turtle Island. Featuring Jana Mashonee, War Scout, Rita Coolidge, R. Carlos Nakai, Brulé and more. S03E05 Xmas Tracklisting

Featuring Mic Jordan, Indian Agent feat Tanya Tagaq, Silver Jackson, Mo Clarke, Bebe Buckskin and a whole lot more. S03E04 Track Listing

A mix of sounds from the length Turtle Island traditional, blues and experimental featuring Northern Cree Singers, Artcirq, Nêhiyawak and William Prince. S03E03 Track listing

A mix of sounds form Turtle Island, spoken word hip-hop and rock featuring Kristi Lane Sinclair, Shane Koyczan, Tara Williamson and Iskwe. S03E02 Track listing

A real mix of sound from haunting melodies, protesty hiphop to raucous punk with Calina Lawrence, Ziibiwan, Mare Advertencia Lirika, Resistant Culture. S03E01 Track listing

A varied mix of music featuring Anachnid, Jeremy Dutcher, Raye Zaragoza, Wolf Saga and more. S02E10 Track listing

A show of dance music including techno, dub step, house and powwow beats all by indigenous music makers. Featuring A Tribe Called Red, DJ Shub, Neon Natives, Tanya Tagaq. S02E09 Track Listing

A show of music released by the Native American Music Awards in support of Standing Rock, all this music was donated by indigenous artists. S02E08 Track Listing

A very mellow show this week, reggae, folk, country, traditional, blues and other laid back tracks. S02E07 Track listing

A mix of tunes with throat singing, hiphop spoken word, reggae and folk from artists as diverse as The Jerry Cans, A Tribe Called Red, Earth Guardians and Riit. S02E06 Track listing

In honour of Indigenous Peoples’ Day last week, this show is all women artists, with songs of resistance and defiance but also caring, sharing and love. All kinds of music genres, rock to hiphop, country to classical, spoken word to throat singing and more. S02E05 Track listing

A selection of Chicano musicians and bands playing different genres and tunes from the southern side of Turtle Island. S02E04 Track listing

In this show I’ll be playing music from Musique Nomade, a non-profit, traveling audio and video studio, that offers a recording service for First Nations musicians. Their mission is to support indigenous youth and cultural diversity, while promoting interdisciplinary meetings between indigenous and non-indigenous artists. S02E03 Track listing

Another mix of artists, dates (1960 to 2018) and genres, jazz funk blues hiphop and more and spotlighting the compilation, fund raising album Tiny House Warriors. S02E02 Track listing

A little of everything in this opening series show Jazz, HipHop, Soul, Reggae Indie and Protest music but all as ever from indigenous N.American musicians and outfits. Plus a little news. S02E01 Track listing

In the last show in this season I’m playing a diverse selection of music from Exquisite Ghost to Sewepagaham to the Snotty Nose Rez Kids. News from the frontlines of the land defenders fight and info about the Tiny House Warriors movement. S01E07 Track listing

A real mix up spanning almost 90 years, Delta Blues, Cajun Rock, Native Americana, Chicano, and more. Including news and a Two Spirit definition. S01E06 Track listing

N’we Jinan is a non profit project which goes to schools and youth clubs on the reservations of Canada & N. America with a mobile video and sound studio. The program offers youth the chance to create an original song and music video that explores relevant issues and topics while promoting positive messaging, community engagement and collective voice. S01E05 Track listing

New and older music with a mix of genres including but not limited to, Blues, Jazz, Funk Hip Hop RnB and Powwow Beats. S01E04 Track listing

Another mixed bag of tunes starting with Link Wrays ‘Rumble’ one of the first indigenous music artists to make a big impact in popular music and inspired many many musicians from rock through to punk. And he was one of the first artists to have his records banned from the radio. S01E03 Track listing

Showcasing some of the music inspired by and for the Standing Rock protests of 2016/17 which led me to research the indigenous music of north america. S01E02 Track listing

This first show in a new series, presents a mixed bag of musics, showcasing the diversity of musical styles and highlighting the talent coming out of the indigenous musicians networks. S01E01 Track listing

My second show of First Nations and Native American music for ResonanceFM 104.4. Its called Sisters and features mostly women artists. Turtle Island E2 Track listing

First show in a series for ResonanceFM 104.4 An hour long show playing contemporary music coming from First Nations and Native American artists. Turtle Island E1 Track listing

Other Radio

Start the Riot #1 – all flavours of Punk, a 2 hour show originally on WirelessFM a Brixton based internet station


A tribute to all at Standing Rock and all Water Protectors everywhere. #nodapl The struggle is far from over

Balkan Gypsy mashup

Shouty Industrial Teckno Punk

Hardcore Protest Punk mix #2

Hardcore Protest Punk mix #1