Growing up in the cultural desert that was 1960s and 70s Northern Ireland, radio was a break from the ongoing violence and destruction around me. Listening to the chart shows on the BBC was good but hearing alternative music on Radio Caroline and Radio Luxenbourg was much more inspiring. I’ve always loved music, all genres (that aren’t commercial), I’ve made mixtapes since the early 70s and have also worked with bands and hosted radio shows.

Singing with Chainsaw Days 1989

Some of my archived Radio shows and mixes

My second show of First Nations and Native American music for ResonanceFM 104.4. Its called Sisters and features mostly women artists.

First show in a series for ResonanceFM 104.4 An hour long show playing contemporary music coming from First Nations and Native American artists.

A tribute to all at Standing Rock and all Water Protectors everywhere. #nodapl The struggle is far from over

Musically inspired by Lowkeys majestic Ghosts of Grenfell and the ongong fight for truth and justice. To the communities who came together to help and to all the victims RESPECT. No Justice No Peace

Balkan Gypsy mashup

Start the Riot #1 – all flavours of Punk 2 hour show originally on wirelessfm a Brixton based internet station

Hardcore Protest Punk mix #3

Hardcore Protest Punk mix #2

Hardcore Protest Punk mix #1