Artist Statement

Throughout my artistic career I have always worked with found andrewobjects, I create installations and sculpture with materials and ideas I find in the skips and pathways of urban and rural landscapes. Found or discarded objects evoke a sense of memory, often linked to feelings of loss and/or the passage of time. I use assemblage and collage to open up a space of reflection, where multiple meanings are allowed to come to the surface. I have been drawn to things and issues relating to everyday life, popular and sub-culture, motivated by curiosity about whence they came from and what their meanings might have been in their past lives.

Memory and history are fundamental to the human condition. In my work, I address the way memory is valued, forgotten, used or misused in today’s fast-moving society. In the words of cultural theorist Aleida Assmann, my work complicates the distinction between storage memory and function memory. In this way, I aim to create a critical, plurivocal commentary about what is lost and what is not, what is discarded and what is kept.

How memory interacts with the present and how this shapes personal, cultural and also political remembrances is changing massively with the recent technological advances, especially the rise of digital media. I am exploring how this impacts on the way we record our environment and document and archive the memories of our lives.

In the past I have worked with family photographs and hot glass to explore the movement of people across continents. At a time of massive urban restructuring in my London neighbourhood, I have made casts of manhole covers in bronze, glass and aluminium and displayed them in a futile attempt to preserve something of the communities lost to gentrification.  I have digitally reworked found 1960s Super 8 found footage. Combined with digital editing and display techniques, these amateur films have become powerful signifiers of change.

Much of my work draws on my many and varied life experiences. My inspiration comes from a wide range of sources, artists, theorists and activists. I am aiming to produce multiple meanings and perspectives within my work.

Walter Benjamin talks of the “chaos of memories” that collectors have, I am a collector I always have been one and I want to put some meaning to my chaos and others collections, by reworking them to provoke connotations, associations and memories in the viewer.

Selected Group Shows

Beyond Words. Faroe Road Studios. London, UK.
Poster Artbox at the The Cello Factory. London, UK.
Making it Real Analogue LDN at Ugly Duck. London, UK.
HARVEST 17. Dordolla., Italy.
Open Film, Scalarama2017. Leeds, UK
Learning to think with your hands. Galerie am Museum, Frauenau, Germany.
All in one. Projected Only Loop Group Show Chiari, Italy.
Winner Winner Winner - Rye Wax, London.
OpenTalks - South London Gallery, London.
Homeward Bound - Safehouse 1, London.
Another Night at the Bath House - Hotel Elephant, London.
LAT[E]WI @ Safehouse - Safehouse 1, London.
Process of Perception - Number3London.
Unit - Dilston Grove London.
GLASS - Cupola Contemporary Art Gallery, Sheffield.
Summer Exhibition - SW1 Gallery, London.
Melt - London Glass Blowing Gallery, London.

Illumini. Secret Subterranean London. - Shoreditch Town Hall, London.
Inspired By - Victoria and Albert Museum, London.
Caged Bird Sings - Crypt Gallery, London.
Surface Pattern - Contemporary Glass Society, (Online).
Ghost II - St. Johns Church, London.
Glass Echoes - Crypt Gallery, London.
Christmas Review - Koukan Gallery, London.
Unarted - The Black Gardenia, Soho, London.
Climate for Change - Londonart, London.




Public Commissions

The Cambrian Explosion (Cambria Bridge)


Camberwell College of Art, London UK. – Sculpture BA – First Class Honours
Bild-Werk International Summer Academy, Germany. – Bronze and glass casting. Glass blowing & Hot mould blowing
WAES, London UK. Kiln Fired Glass- Btec
WAES, London UK. Jewellery -Btec
Morley College, London UK. – Foundation Art & Design.
And a variety of part and full time courses covering IT, photography, video editing & production, screen printing, welding, specialist paint finishes and carpentry at Adult & FE colleges & universities in London between 1985 and 2004.

Talks and Lectures

Chelsea College of Arts. Panelist on Community and Places, Shock City: Resilience and the Anthropocene. Presentation
De Montfort University. ‘The use and properties of Zircar, ceramic shell mold mix for glass and bronze.’
British Glass Biennale. Contemporary Glass Society, Pechakucha event.
WAES. ‘Using Zircar’ Talk and demonstration.
Goldsmith College. Strategies of (In)visibility. ‘Invisible in the Glasshouse? (In)visibility of communication in the Indymedia network.’
Birkbeck College, London. ‘Media and Business Applications’ Multimedia Presentation: ‘Indymedia as Counter Information.’
Club Zatopek, Tubingen, Germany. ‘Activism and Street Art in the Digital Revolution.’
Goldsmiths, University of London. ‘Indymedia and open publishing, a global multimedia phenomenon.’
Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona. Collaboration. Visualising the Invisible: Public Space Representation of the Sans Papiers Campaign.’
City University London. ‘Indymedia History and Practice.’


David Bowker Prize 2010
Commendation Award for excellence in the Kiln-formed Glass. WAES 2008


Patti Ellis & Andrew Graves-Johnson, Classroom into the Community. CCW Graduate School
Camberwell Cameo: BA Sculpture Andrew Graves-Johnston
Creative Resistance in Spain – Latewi symposium publication.
Look At The (E)state We’re In Article – CCW Graduate School blog.
Mould making for Glass by Angela Thwaites. Contributed photos and text. Published by A & C Black.
Glass making in Bavaria: The Bild-Werk Summer Academy. Article – Glass News.
Short story Every Reason zine.
Art critic monthly column. The Prisoner zine.


Glashaus International Magazine for Studio Glass – ‘Studio Glass in the U.K.’
Open (Dutch art & politics journal) ‘Reclaiming Virtual and Physical Spaces Indymedia at the Halloween Critical Mass’ by Marion Hamm.
Vrij Nederland: ‘duikt op…40′ Jaar Ben Sherman’ & for duikt op…in Brixton’ articles by Natasha Gerson.

Creative Working Experiences (Selected)

Host and producer of the Turtle Island Radio Show 2018- ongoing
Administrator of Interactive media site, IndymediaUK.
Art director, set designer, scenic carpenter & props maker for independent film & theater companies, London UK.
Production & Tour Manager, Graffiti Theatre, Cork, Ireland.
Puppet maker, Black Hole Productions and Handspan Theatre, Melbourne Australia.
DJ, presenter & editor for ResonanceFM London and WirelessFM.net online.
Performer / Actor / Fire Performer/ Stilt Walker at various festivals & venues including Glastonbury, Hackney Fields Festivals and Room 16 Cabaret, Brixton, London.
Lead singer, punk band Chainsaw Days. Video & occasional live bass, industrial noise band, Headbutt.