The past like our memories is never far away.

The super8 and 8mm footage in this piece was picked out of skips, or passed on to me by others it is amateur found footage from the late 1950s to the mid 1960s. This installation explores possible connections between previous generations of amateur film makers and today’s digital VJ’s. Using content and material culture of past and present everyday moving image-making, it brings into focus the flow of memory between then and now. The content depicts a time when life was less hurried, more carefree and less complicated as opposed to today’s high tech, constant rushing, internet dominated world. A contrast and complementation to the historical everyday life in the film. The piece not only reconstructs the past, but also the present from where we are looking back to the past.

We are not part of the family shown in the films, we are 50 years younger, we are different people, living in very different world.