My work in the show LATEWI @ SafeHouse
The maze of tunnels, waterways and drains is hidden to us, though we are never far from one or more. From original Victorian sewers to modern cable channels these permeate all aspects the city and a very necessary part of city living used by everybody irrespective of class, gender, age or race. All most of us ever see are the entrances to these, the covers which are scattered all around. These are the gateways and portals to hidden worlds and pathways. Traditionally made of cast iron but now come in plastic and other materials.
These pieces with their connection to the Aylesbury estate will be a lasting memory of the estate itself for it is due to be demolished in the coming years to make way for expensive apartments. These apartments will not house the original occupants who are being moved out of the area, they will be beyond the financial range of those living in the vicinity at present, this process of reallocation is in general terms called social cleansing or if you prefer gentrification.
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