Tunes From Turtle Island

In the spring 2018 I started making a radio show for the only UK arts radio station Resonance 104.4 FM. It is now also broadcast by Radio Onde Furlane in Italy and Radio Agora, Proton Radio, and Radio Fro and Freequenns Radio in Austria.

It turns out that its the only radio show in Europe that plays exclusively Native American and First nations musicians and artists. Here is an article of my journey from outsider artist to radio DJ
From Sculpture To Indigenous Radio

I have a diverse play list, poetry to country, throat singing to rock, hip hop to experimental, Res Metal to Punk, and everything in between.

Since May 2020 the show has been podcast every weeks episode. Available on all podcast platforms including Google, Apple, Deezer, Sticher, Listen Notes, iHeartAmazon, Deezer, himalaya, and

Tunes from Turtle Island podcast

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